Move Your Academic Career to China

In Autumn 2020 we hosted a two-part webinar series to learn about the academic career opportunities and cultural experiences that China has to offer.

Featuring a panel of experts from a selection of Chinese universities, the webinars provided an opportunity for PhD holders and PhD students to learn more about moving their academic careers to China, through our lively and informative panel discussions.

Attendees heard from academics that had already made the move, and put forward their questions to gain a deeper understanding of the relocation process, work-life balance and the type of career opportunities and experiences that await them.

Our series was made up from the individual webinars below, to ensure that the information provided could be as helpful and relevant as possible. We have now published the webinar recordings on YouTube, for you to watch and share.

Research Collaboration in China

YouTube webinar recording

Autumn 2020


Living and Working in China

YouTube webinar recording

Autumn 2020


Webinar Chair

This mini-series was chaired by Dr. Christina Yan Zhang. Dr. Zhang is an expert in higher education, with a career that spans numerous sector-specific roles in both the UK and China.

Dr. Christina Yan Zhang

International Education Expert

Dr. Zhang has a BA (Hons) degree in English, MA in Media Studies (Distinction) and PhD in Civil Engineering (full scholarship).

As an independent candidate, Christina was the first Chinese national to be elected as a representative of the National Union of Students, since 1922. Between 2010-2012 she looked after the interests of more than one million international and EU students, who were studying at UK based academic institutions.

She has belonged to more than 20 international committees, working closely with World Bank, UNESCO, Council for Education in the Commonwealth, European Commission, and UK Government on International Education policies. Between 2012 and 2013, Christina worked for a Shadow Cabinet Minister in UK Parliament, working closely with political and business leaders to develop the ‘Britain Towards 2020’ Strategy, which supported growth across all UK business sectors.

Between 2013 and 2020, Christina worked for QS, one of the leading university rankings companies. As China Director, she substantially increased their commercial success in China, while her work also underpinned government budgetary decisions, in relation to university funding and national initiatives.

As a thought leader and bridge-builder between the British and Chinese higher education sectors, Christina is in regular contact with government ministers and education sector leaders. She is a frequent keynote speaker at global conferences and interviews with well-known and respected media outlets.

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