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Home to the world’s second-largest economy[1], China is the largest producer of scientific research papers by volume, and has a citation index that leads in numerous materials science, chemistry and engineering disciplines[2].

Results from the QS World University Rankings® 2021 have also revealed that a selection of the world’s leading higher education institutions are based in China. At the same time, ongoing investment in the country’s academic landscape has carved out many opportunities for cutting-edge research collaborations. The details of these are available in our webinar recording, which features experts from a number of China’s universities.


Meet the panellists

China provides a unique chance for you to advance your career. Hear from senior-level academics and HR professionals to learn more about the latest positions and opportunities available to you.

Dr. Yu Zhang

Director Assistant, Faculty of Computing, Harbin Institute of Technology

Dr. Yu Zhang completed her PhD studies at Tokushima University, in 2009. In 2011, she joined the School of Computer Science and Technology (CST) at Harbin Institute of Technology. She served as the Dean Assistant for more than six years and was responsible for the international cooperation of the School. She later moved into a new role as Director Assistant of the Faculty of Computing and is now responsible for the overall organisation and running of the Faculty.

Harbin Institute of Technology

Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT) has seen many firsts since opening its doors in 1920. Its researchers created China’s first computer capable of playing chess and holding conversation, its first arc and spot welding robot, a pioneering laser link for satellite-to-ground laser communication, and a robotic arm carried by the Tiangong-2 space lab. It also led China’s first large-scale human genome research project, and the country’s first micro-satellite independently developed by universities was born here.

HIT is known as the cradle of engineers and is a leader in aerospace engineering. With science and engineering at its core, it has also developed multidisciplinary programmes encompassing liberal arts, management, economics and law. HIT is Located in the northeast tip of China and stands out as a leader in science and technology innovation. It is a National Key University, and a member of China’s ‘Ivy League’, the C9 League. In 2020, HIT ranked No.1 on U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Global Universities for Electrical and Electronic Engineering” list.

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Gongxiang Liu

Deputy Director, Division of Human Resources, Nanjing University

Professor Gongxiang Liu is Deputy Director of the Division of Human Resources at Nanjing University. He is responsible for the University’s talent attraction, training and talent policy research.

Nanjing University

Located in the ancient capital of Nanjing, Nanjing University and its predecessors have taken responsibility for the country and nation during its development of over 100 years. Committed to the prosperity of the nation and the advancement of science, Nanjing University makes significant contributions to the revitalisation of China.

Especially since the Reform and Opening-up, Nanjing University has seized this historic opportunity and gained vitality. It was among the first top universities to be selected for prioritised support by the Central Government of China under “211 Project” and “985 Project”. NJU was selected by the General Office of the State Council as one of the first group of National Demonstration Bases for Innovation and Entrepreneurship. NJU has been selected as among Category A universities under the Double First Class Initiative, while 15 subject areas of NJU are on the same list. As a member of the C9 League (an alliance of nine elite universities in China), NJU is known for its outstanding faculty, coordinated disciplines, and excellent research, and is recognised as a leading university with academic strength and social prestige.

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Yang Zhang

Professor, College of Life Sciences, Sichuan University

Yang Zhang completed his PhD at the John Innes Centre/University of East Anglia in Plant Science under the supervisor of Prof. Cathie Martin FRS. After a short period of Postdoc training at the John Innes Centre, he joined Sichuan University in 2016 as a Project Leader. Yang's research interest is in Plant Secondary Metabolism. In addition to leading his small research group, Yang is also in charge of international cooperation for his department.

Sichuan University

Sichuan University (SCU), founded in 1896, is a top university with a long history in China. It is located in Chengdu, a famous historical and cultural city, in Sichuan Province. It is one of the Level A universities included in the National Double First Class University Program. With a long history of teaching and scientific research, the University has established a solid foundation of education, culture and tradition.

SCU is currently recruiting for a wide range of roles; opportunities to develop your career here are only limited by your ambition. We are committed to providing you with great working and living conditions, as well as an opportunity to join the ranks of the renowned scholars and researchers who make SCU an outstanding university.

For more information on our job vacancies, please email scu1000plan@scu.edu.cn.

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Dr. Wai Kin Chan

Professor, Deputy Dean of Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

Dr. Chan is Professor and Co-Deputy Director of the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute, Tsinghua University, China. Prior to joining Tsinghua, he served on the faculty of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), Troy, NY. Dr. Chan has also served as the Lead Editor of the 2017 Winter Simulation Conference, Co-editor of the 2015 Winter Simulation Conference, Program Chair of the 2013 Industrial and System Engineering Research Conference, Editor of the IEEE Conference on Automation Science and Engineering, and Associate Editor of the IIE Transactions, IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics, and Asia-Pacific Journal of Operational Research.

Tsinghua Shenzhen International Graduate School

As the sole branch campus of Tsinghua University, the Shenzhen International Graduate School (SIGS) serves as Tsinghua's scientific research and graduate education platform in southern China. It is committed to continuing Tsinghua's academic legacy and promoting scientific innovation.

Launched on 29 March 2019, Tsinghua SIGS is a collaboration between Tsinghua University and the Shenzhen Municipal Government that builds on the strengths and experiences of the Graduate School at Shenzhen (GSST) and the Tsinghua-Berkeley Shenzhen Institute (TBSI). It aims to bring together world-class faculty and students, tackle global challenges through cutting-edge research and international collaboration, and nurture the next generation of global leaders by creating an international, borderless, and entrepreneurial learning environment.

For more information on our career opportunities, please email talent@sz.tsinghua.edu.cn.

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Yu Zhou

Director, Office of Human Resources, ShanghaiTech University

An experienced higher education professional, Yu Zhou served as the Vice Dean of the School of Information and Technology at ShanghaiTech University and was appointed the Director of the Office of Human Resources in September 2019.

ShanghaiTech University

ShanghaiTech University is a young and dynamic higher education institution committed to carrying out China’s national development strategy and nurturing the next generation of innovative scientists, inventors and entrepreneurs. With the backing and support of the Shanghai Municipal Government and China Academy of Science, ShanghaiTech is seeking cutting-edge solutions to address the challenges that China and the world is facing in the fields of energy, materials, environment, human health, and artificial intelligence.

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